TRANSLATORKL - We teach translate and interpret

Our workers /chartered or sworn translators and interpreters/ deal mainly with specialized translations and interpretations from English into Polish or from Polish into English and other EU or Non-EU's languages.

Qualified teachers of TranslatorKL teach as well English as other EU and Non-EU's languages. What is more, we have the adequate amount of experience and qualifications in order to teach foreigners our native language. Our Clients can feel free to choose the place of  fulfilling the order. The requested service can be executed either at our or our Client’s premises. Nowadays, thanks to the  technologically advanced tools, our products can be also delivered via Internet. In addition, we do our best to provide our Clients with the best possible quality of our products. That is why, we kindly invite you to send us queries or source materials in order to get free of charge costs evaluation conducted by one of our well-experienced workers.

If  your query applies to translation use this form.

If  your query applies to interpreting this form should be used.

Using many years of experience, we specialize in Business translation and interpretation of conference materials, leaflets, training materials, multimedia presentations, catalogues, promotional materials, guarantee, commercial or purchase contracts, contracts of employment, preliminary, partnership, commission and sale contracts, contracts of insurance,  let alone business letters/mails/facsimiles, descriptions, queries, requests and complaints, letters of applications, covering letters or CVs.

In the field of Law we deal with all kinds of legal documents and forms.

We are well-trained to deal with Financial Documents such as all kinds of balance-sheets, printed reports, analysis and business plans.

We are experts in all sorts of Medical Translations such as doctor’s thesis whereas in the field of Engineering we translate service manuals, printed materials on all kinds of standards, let alone plans and schemes.

Nevertheless, all Clients of TranslatorKL are kindly encouraged to use Calculator in order to get preliminary and initial cost evaluation of  translation or interpretation service for free.